Meeting Agenda

Meeting Documents in Mobilimeet App

You have probably heard at some point that having an agenda and sticking with it is key to an effective meeting. Research shows that 50% of the time spent in meetings is wasted and this is mostly due to the fact that agendas are in most cases non-existent.

Having a clear meeting agenda will keep your meetings on track and more efficient as a result.

That’s why we think it should be as easy as pie to have an agenda available at every meeting. Mobilimeet makes it easy for you to put together a detailed meeting agenda before the meeting and have participants follow along as items are completed. Also, participants are notified of any changes at anytime, so last minute changes are a problem of the past.

In short, time spent on enabling your meetings in Mobilimeet to have an meeting agenda is time well spent, and it’s simple and fast!

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