Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our service? Have a look at the most frequently asked questions to find an answer.

Pricing FAQ

The following are questions relating to pricing and billing.

What are Organizers?

Organizers are the team members you invite that are entitled to schedule and administer meetings.

How does the free 30-day trial work?

After you sign up for a free trial of one of our plans, you can invite your team members and start collaborating immediately. No credit card is required to sign up for a trial.

What happens when the trial ends?

At the end of your free trial, you can easily upgrade your account by selecting a plan and the number of organizer licenses that you need. All your meetings and content will be carried forward when you become a paying customer. If you do not upgrade your account will be downgraded to a “free” account and you may continue to use the app with limited functionality.

Do I have to make a long commitment?

No, you can select to pay on a monthly or annual basis. Your commitment is never longer than the payment period you select. You can change your upcoming payment period at any time.

Can I change plan at anytime?

Yes! You can upgrade at any time from the Mobilimeet dashboard in the Web Admin.

How will you bill me?

We offer both monthly and annual billing. You can pay with a credit card online after logging in to Web Admin. For some countries, you can also pay by invoice. Contact us for more details.

Mobilimeet App Usage FAQ

The following are questions relating to how the Mobilimeet service works.

Can I test Mobilimeet for free?

Yes, Mobilimeet is free to get started with. You sign up for free and you can also download the Mobilimeet iOS app for free from App Store. Mobilimeet is built to scale so you can upgrade to a paid plan and get more capabilities whenever you need to. To find out more about our different plans visit our pricing page.

Can I change the agenda and add or replace documents after a meeting invitation is sent?

Any participant in a meeting can make changes to the agenda as well as add or subtract documents at anytime. Tapping the edit button in the respective section of the specific meeting where changes or amendments are supposed to be made enables this.

Do I need to inform participants of changes that I make with an agenda or with documents in a scheduled meeting?

Not to worry, Mobilimeet will automatically send out notifications in the iOS app to all participants when changes are made to a scheduled meeting. In both the iOS version and the web version all changes are synchronized and made instantly to ensure that everyone is kept up to date at all times.

How do people I invite to a meeting receive an invitation?

Participants receive your invitation via email. The email informs them of the time and date for the meeting and how to proceed to access the meeting. The meeting is also listed in a their meeting list, i.e. timeline, in Mobilimeet and by opening the meeting it’s possible to see all the details of the meeting as well as to respond concerning attendance.

Is there a limit to the number of meetings I can create?

None of our plans have no limitations in terms of the number of meetings you can create. Check out our pricing plans (link) to find out more about the benefits with the various plans.

Can I invite as many participants as I like?

Yes. Mobilimeet can offer you the possibility to set up meetings with various number of participants – anything from a few participants to large scale meetings with numerous participants. Have a look at our different plans (link) for more information about how Mobilimeet can be used in meetings of all sizes.

Will other participants be notified when I send a message in a meeting?

Users of the iOS app will receive a notification whenever a message is sent.

How will I know when a participant has accepted an invitation?

When a participant responds to a meeting invitation in the meeting overview users of the iOS app will receive a notification. Furthermore, you can keep track of everyone’s response in the meeting overview, where an indication is presented as to whether a participant will be attending or if the response is pending.

Can I access past meetings?

Absolutely. Mobilimeet enables you to store and access old meetings with relating discussions, documents and more. As a free user your meetings are accessible for a limited period of time but when subscribing a paid plan there is no limit to the time a meeting is accessible. To find out more about the benefits our paid plans offer, visit our pricing page.

Can I use Mobilimeet with other smartphones than iPhones?

Yes, you certainly can. The Mobilimeet web app can be used on any smartphone or tablet. Just go to our web app in your smartphone’s, or tablet’s, web browser and sign-in. We are constantly looking for more ways to enhance the user experience and offering other Mobilimeet apps, such as for example an Android app, is something we are exploring ahead.

Where can I find my account settings?

You can find your account settings in Mobilimeet’s web service in the top right hand corner once you have signed in.

Can I use Mobilimeet for a conference or any other large scale meeting?

Mobilimeet is built to be flexible and to be used for any type of meeting. But if you have specific requirements, such as being able to offer an agenda more suited for multiple days etc., we can offer you a bespoke solution. Contact a sales specialist to find out more about what we can offer you.

Didn’t you find the answer to your question? Then go to Mobilimeet Support Center get more help.